A Saint and A Warrior We Will Miss

“I Can Only Imagine”

Dear Al (aka “Papa” Al);

Trina and I will remember the years of service you showed us young “worship” leaders as you took careful photographs of our letter sized paper with the words to each song for our worship service so that we could have them formatted into a “slide projector” (ha… anyone remember those days?). You were so patient…

We will remember the years of “taking notes” of you and Helen as you were role models for Trina and I … I still think of those “notes”.

I will remember the kindness you showed to everyone in the Dale/Marshall family each moment we spent with you at the family gatherings. You were an inspiration.

I will remember the “techie” side of you… what’s the newest thing in Heaven?

My kids will remember you as “Papa” Al forever… Evan says “Well, at least he’s in heaven with the Lord… I’m jealous!” Through the eyes of a 9 year old:)

My friend, Al, you’re in peace and loving it! We hurt here for the loss that we have but rejoice that you see Jesus!

Al; You now hold your Helen again!!

We love you and we’ll see you again!


  • Trina

    Well said. I loved our every Saturday morning date with the Womacks, long before Al became my Papa. I will miss you Papa Al! You made a difference!! I love you!