How do I join a Lifegroup?

If you are interested in joining or you need some more info about Lifegroups, contact us at the church office. We’d love to help you get plugged in.


Jim & Cindy Snider Lifegroup – Sunday @ 6:00pm
Rich & Shelley Rayl Lifegroup – Sunday @ 6:00pm

Piece Makers Quilting Group – Monday @10:00am
Woffard Lifegroup – Monday @ 6:00pm
Dale/Boulton Lifegroup – Monday @ 6:30pm

Keenagers (65 and older) – Church Fireside Room – Tuesday @ 10:00am
Cochell Lifegroup – Tuesday @ 6:30pm

Ladies Bible Study – Wednesday @ 6:30pm

Men’s Fraternity – Thursday @ 6:30pm

Prayer Meeting – Friday @7:00pm

Additional groups are in the preparation stage. If you would like to attend a group, but none of these days or places work for you, please call the church office. (541)689-2127

2 Comments on “Lifegroups”

  1. Good Morning! My name is Vira , and I’d like to join your Bible Study group. Need I be a church parishioner to participate? Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Thank you

    1. Hi Vira,

      You need not be a parishioner to participate in our lifegroups. We just need to find one that suits you. Most of our groups meet on Sunday evenings in various homes, with one meeting at the church building. Would one of these work for you?

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